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Premier Design & Remodel can help you win and sell more listings. All of us in the real estate industry know that homes that have today’s styles and trends attract more buyers, sell for more money and do so faster than homes that still need updates. Keeping up with those trends, styles, colors and textures is a full time job and generally isn’t the best use of time for a real estate agent.

Premier Design & Remodel is a full service design and remodeling company that can partner with you and ensures your client’s home will look as good as possible when it goes onto the market. Benefits include a higher sales price for your listing, lower days on market and more net proceeds for your sellers. There is no better marketing or service you can provide to your clients than improving their home and you must have the right partner to ensure success!

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How It Works

We recommend a multi-step listing appointment process:

On the initial listing appointment, you should provide the homeowner with a base list price and a 100% updated price. Accuracy on both prices is critical for all subsequent steps and decisions that will be made in the best interest of your client. The base price should be calculated on an as-is condition with nothing more than a sweep and vacuum of the floors and a declutter. The updated price should be based on if the home was essentially brand new with new systems and all styles presented as a new construction home would be.

On the first appointment, you should schedule our designer, Lisa Ward, to meet your client and see the house. Lisa will provide you with a list of the updates recommended based on the budget set by your client. Based on the updates agreed to by your client, you will provide them with a new price for the home. You can compare the base price, plus the cost of the updates to see how much more the home will sell for with the new updates, This is the extra profit for your sellers.

Premier Design & Remodel will coordinate the contractors, manage the budget, ensure the work is completed correctly and on time. We will communicate with you through all facets of the design and remodel project.

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