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How It Works

Premier Design & Remodel can work with any homeowner to ensure a home appeals to the widest audience, sells faster and nets you, the owner, the highest profit on the sale of your home. The process is simple!

Receive Initial Price

First, your agent will perform a market analysis and give you a price for your home in the current condition and a second price if your home was completely updated to the styles and trends that create the highest prices in the current marketplace, similar to a new home. This gives us a base price and a max price so we know how to make smart decisions about the updates.

Evaluate Profitable Updates

Next, our design specialist, Lisa Ward will consult with you and your agent and determine which, design and remodel updates are needed to maximize the sales price and sell your home for more than the original list price plus the cost of the updates making you the highest proceeds on your sale. Design and remodel updates are made based on what investments in the home will increase the value by more than the cost of the update. Once we reach the point of diminishing returns, we provide you with a budget and a timeline.

Revise Price With Updates

Your agent will then provide you with a new market price based on these updates. You have full control of the budget you are comfortable with. If your budget is lower than we recommend, we will make professional judgments and prioritize the updates so that the budget you have will still result in the highest possible proceeds because we have invested your budget in the proper updates.

Get Started

We will manage your budget, do all of the design selections, manage the contractors, and ensure work is completed correctly and on time so your home appeals to the widest audience. We will also oversee all work is completed to the highest standards and quality so you are selling a well cared for home.

How It Works – Video

Below is a series of videos showing how one project progressed and explaining what we did, how we did it and the results achieved by the homeowner. The project detailed below involved a full transformation of a home that was built in the early 1990’s and had never been updated. It needed significant changes to transform it into something that buyers in the market today want. Many projects are much smaller than the one below but this is a good example of what we can do for you at any scale needed.

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Photo Slideshow

Below is a slideshow showing images from the finished project.

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